Road barrier for passages up to 5m with integrated flashing light and possibility of installing built-in FTC.S photocells.

Ideal for all environments, EVA can be installed where is required the control and the management of passages of vehicles.

EVA, thanks to the control panel installed in the upper part, is simple and quick to program and it is possible to operate it also through battery pack

24 Vdc

electromechanical barrier for intensive use.

The barrier can be easily switched over to the other side.

• Easy and fast programming of the control panel thanks to its being positioned on the top of the road barrier
• Extremely easy use and programming of the road barrier
• Possibility of integrated FTC.S photocells thanks to the innovative hide-away system
• Possibility of battery back up system
• Amperometric anticrushing control
• New fast acting release
• Elliptical rod with built-in rubber profile and optional built-in led lights
• Built-in flasher (requires EVA.LAMP card accessory)
• Three adjustable limit switches for the braking phases and the closure position
• 2 adjustable mechanical stops
• Simple, quick and reliable rod balancing system
• Foundation plate accessory with VE.PS coach screws 24 Vdc intensive use


Monday, 04 May 2015


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