Ranger Security's highly innovative approach in designing and manufacturing products lead to many advancements in security metal detection technology. Employing sophisticated microprocessors and highly developed proprietary software Ranger security detectors achieved levels of performance never before attained by conventional metal detectors. Recognized for our inventive ingenuity Ranger Security has been awarded United States and International Patents.

The Multi-Zone Advantage
In addition to showing the location of targeted objects, multi-zone detection increases other aspects of screening efficiency. It improves discrimination between weapons and harmless objects, reduces unwanted alarms and permits higher traffic flow rates. In high traffic locations, this translates into lower operating and capital costs. It reduces the number of detections, personnel and the amount of real estate needed per given number of people screened.

Proven Quality and Reliability
For over 15 years world wide Ranger Walk Through Metal Detectors have reliably protected lives and valuable properties.

Advanced Target Identification Digital Signal Processing
The Intelliscan can operate in "All Metal Mode" or advanced "Discrimination Modes". Factory Presets and user programmable modes can target specific types of metal or alloys for enhanced security and loss prevention detection.

Innovation & Integration
Ranger Security prides itself in its ability to adapt to and integrate with other world leading cutting edge technologies, such as Radiation Detection and Facial Recognition systems. Through the use of our proprietary networking software, "RangerNet", our Walk Through Detectors can be integrated with virtually any specialized security installation and applications.

Our eye on the security and the future!
At Ranger Security, we are constantly improving our products to meet the ever changing and increasing demand for high quality, dependable security detection.

Patented Technical Advantage
Ranger Security's highly innovative approach to solving challenging and demanding security needs has resulted in the award of multiple United States of America and International Patents. Where security is on the line, Ranger Security's Patented technical advantage is the clear choice!

Ranger Security's Prestigious Patents
U.S. Patent Numbers 5,521,583 - 5,680,103 - 5,973,595


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